In the STRT Launchpad programme, teams with an innovative idea can launch a start-up business through a competition. Deadline for application and submission: 16 February 2024.

The goal

Programme for early-stage startups. Some may still be at the idea stage, others may already have an early version of the product. In both cases, the aim of the programme is to focus on your individual, achievable goal in the process, which is to either develop a better version of your product, get your first customer or turn your company into an investment target. The intensive 3 months is designed to bring decades of founder experience from people who have been there and done it. They want to highlight projects with the greatest potential and invest in them.

The programme

They invite founders to their programme who have high ambition and are committed to working full-time on their project during the programme.

The programme starts with a 3-day induction. This will allow you to get to know the cohort members, the projects in the cohort, your mentors and the tools used in the programme. The cohort will be divided into smaller groups or teams, which will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with each other. Weekly stand-up sessions will discuss progress on projects and set goals for the next weekly sprint, led by an experienced entrepreneur or investor. Throughout the programme, the programme director, mentors and experts will hold regular welcome hours that can be used to discuss individual or team roadblocks. The final period of the programme will be spent preparing for DemoDay with practice pitches.

Focus industries

The programme welcomes projects from any industry, but is particularly excited about the opportunities brought by the latest developments in artificial intelligence and Chat GPT, as well as solutions to the challenges of environmental sustainability.

Connectivity opportunities

During the programme, startups will have the opportunity to participate in networking events.

Meet your customers

The programme will help founders to test their first customers.

Mentors and team leaders – office hours

Group mentors will facilitate weekly stand-up sessions within small groups. Each team will have a dedicated mentor who will work with them throughout the programme. In addition, a team of experts will be available throughout the programme to help mentor on a weekly basis.


During the last week of the programme, presentation and speaking coaches will help you prepare for your pitches so that you and your team can be successful at the final event, DemoDay During DemoDay, you will present your startup to a group of selected investors, mentors and experts.

This site is based on a civic initiative that has been running since 2002, we support all programmes that help young people in rural Hungary.

The mission of the founders of the program advertised here is: “With Launchpad, our mission is to equip as many entrepreneurial people and teams with good ideas as possible with the entrepreneurial mindset, thus enriching the startup world and strengthening the ecosystem.” “We know that rural Hungary is also full of valuable talent, and our programme can help them on their way.”

We can send you the details of the program, link to its organizers and details via email, given the non-profit nature of the site, please contact us at this email address: – Pali Pacsika (Puulie) – Startup Catalyst. Details on my Linkedin profile:

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