We are Paula and Paul Vorrenne.
We tell stories, tales. These tales are extraordinary: we start them, but it’s up to you, how it will be continued!

Let’s get into the story:
She’s been hitchhiking on her own for three weeks now, and she’s really getting into it. Now that she’s finally on the road, she’s put all the crap behind herself and finally feels free. At first she tried her wings in safer countries, but by the end of the second week she got the courage. The drivers are all nice to her – maybe because she’s still good-looking? Or just because she’s a woman? Who knows. On the last border crossing, the border guard warned her not to hitchhike, but she ignored him. Sure, everyone comes with it, but what could possibly go wrong? When a car stops, she always looks in, assesses the driver and the car too, and if so, she simply doesn’t hop in. It’s happened a few times and it gives her a sense of security.

The last lift of her life happenned at a busy petrol station. A tanned young guy wearing glasses got out from the dark blue Audi, a well-dressed, good-looking guy. She asked the driver was coming back from the shop for a ride to the next town. It was just getting dark – and he said yes – I wish he hadn’t!

They were chatting amiably, a local current hit blares softly from the car radio. He doesn’t speak English very well, but somehow they understand each other. He smiles, but there’s something strange about that smile – she can’t work out what it is. In the meantime, it gets completely dark, the headlights of the cars zigzag in the fresh night. More fragmented sentences, what are you doing, where are you going, who have you left at home; questions like that – she has no time to think about that strange smile.

She doesn’t even notice they’ve long since left the main road. The car slows down, then stops in a dark doorway at the last houses in a village, the headlights off. – “You’re coming with me now,” says the driver in perfect English with smiling no more. She immediately senses that this could be trouble, but she is also driven by curiosity. She listens to her women’s intuition, searching for the inner voice to tell her what to do: