I’m Mark Vorrenne.
I’m a fan of real good heavy metal. Slipknot is one of my favorite bands.

“I’ve been listening to slipknot since the age of 17. I bought Iowa when it was first released and that was the hook that got me into them. They were never intending to be a commercial band and tried to stay true to their beliefs and roots within music.

They’ve written various outstanding albums and produced music they feel is right for that specific time. The albums are very relatable to me. They’re all different in their own way and got their own merits.”

My top 3 favorite album:

1. Iowa
2. Slipknot
3. All Hope Is Gone

I read every article about them, and I really like to write. I collected my favorite stories with the band in an e-book.
If you want to share my admiration, download the free ebook.

I’d be honoured if you write back. I’ll reply to everyone.

With friendship,
Mark Vorrenne